Wineserver is the link between Finnish customer and the wine importer. Wineserver organizes wine tasting events for its members and provides evaluations and information about wines. New information is updated as the events are organized.

Wineserver is a new company operating in the capital area of Finland. These pages are very much under construction at the moment. There will be more pages coming and more information. There will also be improvements in the visual side. The goal is to have these pages ready and working after this summer. I have downloaded a couple of pages just to see how these work as a test.

These are my first web pages and for some reason I decided to do it the hard way and code everything myself using xhtml and css to start with, without any background knowledge of how computer coding actually works. So these pages will have new functionalities as I learn more, and I will add more pictures from our events. If parts of these pages are not functioning properly, please let me know. And of course all ideas and feedback about these events and web pages are welcome. For blog and discussion forum I decided to use ready pages and formats. And it might be that the other pages will be created using some tool if I am not able to finish the pages on time or have too many technical difficulties. This is an interesting learning experience for me. In these first two weeks I have already learned a lot.

Wineserver offers a cost friendly and easy way to learn about wines in a fun relaxed way. To attend a wine tasting event it is possible to join our Wine Tasting Club, or to organize our own event for your group of people. We are also offering our help to plan and organize parties. If you are interested in joining our Wine wasting Club or organizing a wine tasting in your company or for your friends, don’t hesitate to contact me.

For wine importers and companies I offer a chance to come to our club events to present their wines. It is also possible to hire me to sales promotion activities to e.g. wine fairs and other events as an addition to your sales team. We also offer wine books and products to our members. All contacts and event ideas from companies are also very velcome.






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