Summer and holidays are almost over.

(Well I’ll be on holiday next week travelling to Mallorca, hopefully getting to visit some wineries there.)


But I guess this is a good time to let all you know what is happening and what has been planned for the fall.


First of all, the web page has a brand new look: http://www.wineserver.fi/ and there is a link to English pages as well.


I have contacted some wine importing companies and there seems to be a lot of interest for our wine club. They get to present us their wine selection and we provide them feedback by giving our evaluations about the wines. We will also focus on learning more about the wines and how to taste and evaluate them to find our common words to describe them. And our wine tasting club also gets invitations to other wine events 🙂 So September and October will be very busy time for us. I will put information and pictues of these events to Facebook and blog.  So don’t forget to follow them!



Our upcoming events at the moment:



Wine Club’s Wine Tasting Dinner in Mange Sud restaurant.



Wennerco organizes Mikä Viini event in restaurant Pörssi, to which all our club memebers are welcome.



Wine Club tasting with Norex.



Wine Club tasting with winemaker Javier Solari from Canepa Wineries, Chile.



Birthday party. Wines and food available.



Wine Club’s Gallo tasting.



Wine, Food & Good living fair in Helsinki Fair Center, we will order group tickets to this.


 So put these in your calendar!


Information is updated to wep-page: http://www.wineserver.fi/index_en.php?sivu=current_events.html


There was also discussion before holidays that we could have a tasting of wines that everybody has brought from their summer trips. So if you have some wines to share or just want to participate, let me know, and I’ll try to set a date for it.


 Feel free to pass this information to let your colleagues and friends know about this wine club!


Best regards,

Tomi Naarvala




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